Four Ted Talks by female bioartists and scientists about designing the human body

What will the future look like? How will science transform the body? It’s impossible to say, right? Well, bioart offers a space to experiment with technology that exists today. Watch these four Ted Talk videos by female bio artists, designers and scientists who are using biology to explore new solutions and speculate the future.


Lucy McRae - How can technology transform the human body?

Lucy McRae is a body architect who imagines ways to merge biology and technology in our bodies. From garments inspired by the body's organs to a pill that lets you sweat perfume, Lucy discusses how science can creatively transform the human body.

Ellen Jorgensen - Biohacking – you can do it, too

Have you ever wanted to experiment in a biotech laboratory? The biologist Ellen Jorgensen and her colleagues opened Genspace, a nonprofit DIY bio lab in Brooklyn, NY. It’s devoted to ‘citizen science, where amateurs can go and tinker with biotechnology.’ Far from the sinister Frankenstein's lab it was criticised as, Genspace offers creative and practical uses for DIY bio.

Neri Oxman - Design at the intersection of technology and biology

The designer and architect Neri Oxman is a pioneer in exploring how the biological world can interact with digital material technology. Her lab works at the intersection of synthetic biology, 3D printing, materials engineering and computational design. The experiments come at a new era of symbiosis between our bodies, microorganisms, products and even our buildings.

Ani Liu - Smelfies, and other experiments in synthetic biology

What if you could take a selfie of how you smell? What if you could plant a lipstick kiss that made herbs grow? Ani Liu works with technology and sensory perception, at the intersection between art, design and science. She shares her dreams and experiments, asking the question, ‘What happens when science fiction becomes science fact?’

Jess McCulloch