Unbore is a new non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands that fosters and advocates arts, life sciences and technology intersections. Unbore aims to host a variety of exhibitions, symposia and smaller-scale events to create an international platform that celebrates and facilitates divergent thinking, endless experimentation and creative reflection. It seeks to establish itself as a mediator between like-minded professionals, institutions and the public in order to build a curious ecosystem of thinkers and doers in bioart and biodesign. Fundamentally, Unbore strives to encourage social commitment to crucial issues of today through advocating interdisciplinary collaboration and creating an engaging bioart cultural programme.



The rapid intensification and development of both scientific and technological advancements shape our everyday lives in an unprecedented manner. Alongside a somewhat unsettling current political, social and environmental state of affairs, it is fundamental not only to imagine future scenarios but critically engage with issues at stake in a tangible way. Important matters that often remain restricted to academic or scientific realms, should be brought out into a broader social context. We believe that bioart and biodesign provide an ideal entry point of public resonance and engagement. Functioning in an in-between zone that does not confine to disciplinary, structural or hierarchical tropes, bioart and biodesign is a playground with an enormous transformative potential and there is a necessity to expand its scope internationally. 



Unbore seeks to become a platform for bioartists, biodesigners as well as researchers and practitioners in the fields of science and technology that reveals, grounds and implements new approaches within the large international general public as well as grows and strengthens bioart and biodesign’s international position.

Unbore works towards becoming a breeding place for innovation, knowledge and transformation for the public that facilitates awareness and active engagement in political, social and environmental issues of today through exposure to bioart and biodesign. It strives to enable understanding of the large potential of biotechnological and scientific advancements and evaluating numerous risks and unprecedented threats attached to them. Unbore aspires to encourage questioning of ethics, morals, values and meanings ascribed to various elements that constitute life.



Gabrielė Sankalaitė
Curatorship and Organisation

Gaia Caltavituro
Organisation and Education 

Gryanne Stunnenberg
Organisation, Sponsorship and Budget 

Jessica McCulloch
Marketing and Editorial

Matteo Pitassi
Design, Editorial and Communications

Maud van Turnhout
Organisation and Development

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