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Unbore is a new non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands that focuses on intersecting arts in all its variety and versatility together with scientific research-based approach and technological advancements. It challenges and possibly transforms the constructed physical and intangible boundaries of the everyday existence. Its objective is not to draw conclusions or provide answers but, instead, by reassessing stagnant notions and beliefs, to present a myriad of possibilities and probabilities that, in turn, could enable one to envision different realities and extend beyond existing ones. Unbore celebrates radical thinking, creative exuberance and inexhaustible curiosity.


Given the rapid intensification and development of both scientific and technological advancements that begin to shape our everyday realities in an unprecedented manner as well as somewhat unsettling current politico-sociological and environmental state of affairs, we believe it is fundamental not only to imagine future scenarios but critically engage with issues at stake in a tangible way. Unbore, therefore, aims to actualise the mandate already extended by a myriad of post-humanist philosophers and scholars, in order to fill the apparent gap between theory and practice through bio and new media art and design. We seek to approach the subject matter in a way that reveals, grounds and implements new approaches, by means of a fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals from both artistic and scientific milieus as well as via an active engagement of a wide international audience through resulting exhibitions and symposia.



Gabriele Sankalaite
Curatorship and Organisation

Quirine Korteling
Organisation, Sponsorships and Budget 

Matteo Pitassi
Design, Editorial and Communications

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