Unbore presents a new event series that will introduce bioart and biodesign to the local Venetian and international public in a way that will tickle its curiosity and leave it wanting for more (or less). Flashows are pop-up exhibitions, revealing the work of one artist or designer in an instantaneous, humorous and peculiar manner. Often in collaboration with local cultural organisations, flashows crop up in various locations and then disappear in an instant, blending in and yet remaining alien to its fabric. Curious yet? Look (out) for them in Venice this year.



Chiesa dei Santi Cosma e Damiano, Giudecca, Venezia

Flashow 1: Adam Zaretsky

Experiments in DIY New Reproductive Technologies

Methods of Transgenesis: Shoot, Shock and Inject, now with Massage Lotion and Rhizome TransGene InFection too! How to hack biolistics, electroniporation, microinjection along with lipofection and zinc finger protein therapy.

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